Events - 2019

Friday January 25th 8pm   Chris Bowen

Chris is an experienced potter with a history of working in the arts and crafts industry. He gained an MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art. Skilled in pottery, Art Education and professional food production. Chris now creates bespoke food based ceramics for fine dining and Michelin starred restaurants.

8pm at Little Kingshill Village Hall

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Friday February 22nd 8pm   David Wright

David has been making pots since 1974, working in rural Leicestershire. He works alone and is self taught. Boxes, bottles and bowls are his reference points. The pots are glazed with simple ash glazes from the ashes of different woods - traditional Shino glaze is also used to give warm reds and oranges. The pots are fired in a wood fuelled kiln to over 1300 degrees C and are imbued with a warmth and beauty.

8pm at Little Kingshill Village Hall

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Friday March 29th 8pm   Jessica Ecott

Jessica makes beautiful glass sculpture panels for wall art, panel designs with lights, light sculpture and jewellery. Her glass captures the changes of the light and with it she achieves subtle internal effects similar to those in watercolour. In her sculptural pieces she often explores the contrast between materials, especially the clarity and ethereal qualities of glass against the earthiness of wood.

8pm at Little Kingshill Village Hall

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